Sunday, January 29, 2012

New running shoes + a loop around the lake = one happy girl!

So I finally went a got some new running shoes yesterday.  They are just a few miles overdue.  It amazes me that I own every model of the Asics Cumulus ever made (I think it's time to donate)!  I cheated on them once and paid for it dearly with an ITB injury. 

The Hubs was out of town this weekend so I didn't have a chance to run yesterday.  When he walked the door this afternoon there was only one place I wanted to go...White Rock Lake!  For those who aren't familar with Dallas, White Rock Lake is the mecca for running and cycling in Dallas.  On a nice Saturday or Sunday it is nothing to be surrounded by literally hundreds of runner and riders.  It is about 9.3 miles around the lake.  I was determined to complete the loop, my first in a very long time!  I knew for the start it was going to tough.  I just had no energy.  As I went around I was constantly making deals with myself.  If I get this far, I can walk for a minute.  I managed to scrap out 8 very slow miles and I walked the rest.  I was just happy to be back out at the lake! 

See you later!!

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