Sunday, April 22, 2012

RIP Old Friend

So Tuesday I get to the park to run and realize my Garmin's dead!  I HAVE TO GO HOME!  I CAN'T RUN WITHOUT MY GARMIN!!  Those were my first thoughts.  I haven't run without my Garmin since 2007.  After calming down, I realized I could do this.  I could run without knowing my pace the whole time, without knowing how far I've actually gone.  Guess what...had the best run ever.  I know that I ran harder than I usually do, because of how sore I was the next day.

Fast forward to Saturday...I had planned on going to White Rock Lake and doing a loop (approx. 9.3 miles).  Unfortunately we had a thousand things planned so I had to run at the park.  I made sure the Garmin was charged.  Get there, IT'S DEAD!!  I finally got it to come on, but everytime I moved my arm it went off.  I'm pretty sure I went at least nine.  I had to use the clock in my car. 

Goodbye old friend

I'm so sad that my old friend is gone.  My husband emailed Garmin because he read online that alot of people have this happen and sometime they replace them for free.  I'm secretly hoping they don't so I can get the new 405.