Saturday, June 23, 2012

I know, I know

I know, I already broke my promise.  I haven't blogged in almost two days.  Well, it's not my fault.  Blame it on Christian.  If you've read Fifty Shades you know how I'm talking about.  These books have consumed my life.  I have mixed feelings about being finished.  I'm happy to get my life back but I miss Christian.  If you haven't already run to the book store as fast as you can and get these books.  You won't be disappointed and I promise neither will your significant other:)

On another note...I'm so excited about the Olympic Trials!  I have been glued to the TV all day.   Congrats to former LSU Tiger Lolo Jones!!! I would love to see her redeem herself in London!! Go LOLO!!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My 4 year old does Crossfit

No not really!  Yesterday I was supposed to run 8 on the trails with my DRC group on the trails out by White Rock Lake (running mecca in Dallas) at Norbuck Park.  This is usually my hardest run of the week.  It is a two mile loop dirt trail around the park with a ginormous hill rignt in the middle.  As hard as it is doing it in 90 degree Dallas heat is killer! 

Kendall had swimming lessons close to downtown yesterday afternoon, so Dee had this great idea that I could bring her to his Crossfit workout and then he would take her home and I could go to the lake and run.  I had already told him last week that this was the only day that I needed him to come home after work and not go the gym.  After about fifteen minutes of watching double unders and power cleans, Kendall had had enough.  Dee couldn't believe she didn't want to stay and watch.  REALLY!  I mean every 4 year old I know is into Crossfit!  So we packed it up and came home so that I could do my 8 in Chicago, no I mean our neighborhood.  When we moved to Forney three years ago, I would never have believed that there could be a place that was so windy.  We live in what I call the "open prairie" where there is a contant 20 mph breeze.  It is insane!!  It was a good thing I had to do 8, because when it was over, I was too tired to be mad at Dee and his stupid idea! 

Kendall's mad face

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No excuses

So school has been out for over two weeks now so I have no excuses not to blog.  The crazy thing is that I think of all kinds of things to talk about on my blog when I'm busy doing something else, then when I sit down to write something I'm blank.  They say that if you do something for 21 days staight you will create a habit.  That's my for 21 days straight.  I'm also going to comment on someone else's blog.  I want some friends, people!! 

So here's to the next 21 days!  Let the blogging begin!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

RIP Old Friend

So Tuesday I get to the park to run and realize my Garmin's dead!  I HAVE TO GO HOME!  I CAN'T RUN WITHOUT MY GARMIN!!  Those were my first thoughts.  I haven't run without my Garmin since 2007.  After calming down, I realized I could do this.  I could run without knowing my pace the whole time, without knowing how far I've actually gone.  Guess what...had the best run ever.  I know that I ran harder than I usually do, because of how sore I was the next day.

Fast forward to Saturday...I had planned on going to White Rock Lake and doing a loop (approx. 9.3 miles).  Unfortunately we had a thousand things planned so I had to run at the park.  I made sure the Garmin was charged.  Get there, IT'S DEAD!!  I finally got it to come on, but everytime I moved my arm it went off.  I'm pretty sure I went at least nine.  I had to use the clock in my car. 

Goodbye old friend

I'm so sad that my old friend is gone.  My husband emailed Garmin because he read online that alot of people have this happen and sometime they replace them for free.  I'm secretly hoping they don't so I can get the new 405.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting my Bodyrock on!

If you haven't heard of Bodyrock you must here now!  This site is packed with great workouts that you can do almost anywhere and the best part is that they take less that 30 minutes!  They are all HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workouts and trust me they will kick your butt!!  This morning I did the fit test from the lastest 30 day challenge.  It 7 minutes of burpees, push ups, high knees, tuck jumps and all those things that don't sound that appealing at 5 in the morning.  OH YES I GOT UP AND WORKED OUT AT 5!  So if time is a factor, you no longer have any excuses...become a BodyRocker!!

What's your favorite at home workout??


Sunday, January 29, 2012

New running shoes + a loop around the lake = one happy girl!

So I finally went a got some new running shoes yesterday.  They are just a few miles overdue.  It amazes me that I own every model of the Asics Cumulus ever made (I think it's time to donate)!  I cheated on them once and paid for it dearly with an ITB injury. 

The Hubs was out of town this weekend so I didn't have a chance to run yesterday.  When he walked the door this afternoon there was only one place I wanted to go...White Rock Lake!  For those who aren't familar with Dallas, White Rock Lake is the mecca for running and cycling in Dallas.  On a nice Saturday or Sunday it is nothing to be surrounded by literally hundreds of runner and riders.  It is about 9.3 miles around the lake.  I was determined to complete the loop, my first in a very long time!  I knew for the start it was going to tough.  I just had no energy.  As I went around I was constantly making deals with myself.  If I get this far, I can walk for a minute.  I managed to scrap out 8 very slow miles and I walked the rest.  I was just happy to be back out at the lake! 

See you later!!

Gotta Start Somewhere

Howdy and welcome to my blog!  This is going to be my place to talk about my life as a runner, wife, mom of 2, and teacher.  While my main purpose is to log my progress as a runner, I love incorporating all different kinds of workouts into my cross training.  I'm really just hoping to meet some fun people who love running and working out as much as me and maybe learn a few things along the way!  So talk to you soon, I'm off for a run!